Partial repairs in civil engineering construction sites…

C Repair Color: a paint that doesn’t make repair marks stand out white even in the rain.

Water-based inorganic paint for repairing exposed concrete surfaces that does not repel water


When conducting partial repairs on concrete in civil engineering construction sites, it is easy to perform repairs without any discomfort on sunny days.

However, on rainy days, the paint on the repair area may repel water and cause the repaired area to appear white and stand out.

For example, during an inspection before delivery, if it rains, the repaired area may stand out and leave a negative impression.

To solve these problems, we have developed a water-based inorganic paint for repairing concrete called “C Repair Color

This product maintains a natural color even when wet by rain, which makes the repair area blend in with the surrounding area, resulting in a finish that looks like no repairs have been made.

Our company specializes in concrete repair and has a proven track record of using this product in many repair sites over the years.




Product features

To take on a wet look/color

When conducting partial repairs, it is common for the repaired area to stand out white when it gets wet in the rain, but with this product, it blends in with the surrounding area by taking on a wet appearance and does not stand out. (excluding when applied too thickly)

Here is a video comparing the wet appearance of C Repair Color and conventional paint. Please take a look at it first.



Wet appearance test comparison images.




I sprayed red lines with both “C Repair Color” and common paint, and tested by wetting them with water. With common paint, the sprayed area repels water and appears whitish, making it stand out. In comparison, the area sprayed with “C Repair Color” almost disappears even when wet with water.



Easy to apply

Since it is an inorganic water-based paint, it is okay to just spray it quickly.

This is a basic spray video using C Repair Color to eliminate color differences in repair areas.



Can be applied in a short amount of time

Dries in 1 minute in summer and 3 minutes in winter.
Quick repair is possible.

*Not suitable for building renovation work that requires durability.

*There is no compatibility or performance data available for topcoats, etc.



Natural finish with zero thickness

Unlike conventional paint, it uses ultrafine particles, which form almost no film and provide a natural finish that is virtually imperceptible to the touch.

*excluding cases where it is applied thickly




Q、What is the durability of C Repair Color?

A、C Repair Color is a paint designed for general civil engineering work, and is designed to deteriorate over time to the same level as its surroundings. Depending on the conditions, such as exposure to sunlight, rain, or floor surfaces, it may vary, but for a typical sunlit wall, it is recommended to expect a lifespan of around 1-5 years.
It is not suitable for renovation work on general building exteriors.


Q、What is the mixing ratio of C Repair Color and the diluent?

A、The ratio of C Repair Color main agent to mixing solution is 6:1.



Q、What is the available usage time after mixing with the mixing liquid?

A、Mixing the solution gradually triggers the hardening process. In summer, lumps may appear within approximately 1-2 days, so it is recommended to use the mixture as soon as possible after mixing.


Q、Can C Repair Color be diluted with water?

A、No, please avoid diluting it with water as it will result in a decrease in adhesion strength.


Q、Can C Repair Color be used with a sponge or brush?

A、We recommend using an air gun to spray C Repair Color. While it is possible to apply with a sponge, the finish may be rough.


Q、Is a primer necessary before spraying C Repair Color?

A、No, it is not necessary. However, if the repaired area and surrounding areas have a significant difference in color tone or if the surface has high water absorption, it is recommended to use C Repair Lining (sold separately) for surface adjustment or to adjust the water absorption with a cationic primer dilution solution.


Q、Can C Repair Color be used on the ground surface?

A、We do not recommend using C Repair Color on areas such as parking lots or highly frequented walkways due to its limited durability.


Q、What color should I choose first?

A、Please refer to the following YouTube video for an explanation.







Product information

450ml transparent bottle type 

Main agent 386ml + Exclusive mixing liquid in aluminum pouch 64ml

*Can cover approximately 7 square meters per unit.

*This is just an estimate and may vary depending on actual usage conditions.

Purchase the 450ml bottle






・3.7L Poly Container Type

Primary agent 3200ml + Exclusive mixed liquid 500ml

*Can be applied to approximately 60 square meters

*This is just a rough estimate. Actual coverage may vary depending on the conditions of use.

Purchase the 3.7L size.






Color: 7 colors (white, gray, light gray, dark gray, yellow, light yellow, dark yellow)


How to use


Here is a video that explains in detail how to use it, so please refer to it for more information on how to use it.




Examples of Construction Work





Other Examples of Construction Work

Color Unevenness Repair

Rust Repair

Chip Repair





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・It explains the method of patiently repeating the process of lightly spraying, letting it dry, and then spraying again instead of spraying all at once towards the target.


This is a video that shows how to easily and effectively clean rust and stain marks using “C Repair Color”.


This is a video that shows how to easily and effectively clean rust and stain marks using “C Repair Color”.


This is a video that show

how to easily and effectively clean rust and stain marks using “C Repair Color”.



・A video on how to use C Repair Color and choose colors.
・The method of repeatedly lightly spraying on the area of partial repair or stain marks, letting it dry, and then spraying again, resulting in a natural finish.




Purchase the 450ml bottle

Purchase the 3.7L size.