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Why We Offer Our Expertise and Products
30 years of concrete repair expertise
Our unique products and expertise can significantly enhance your concrete repair operations and contribute to your business growth.

With 30 years of experience, we've honed unparalleled expertise and developed innovative products that stand out in the industry. We're dedicated to offering these solutions to construction professionals and investors involved in concrete work worldwide through our new "Partnership Agreement."
Building a Better Future, Together
01 Transfer of Manufacturing and Sales Rights
Unparalleled know-how and unique products distinguishing us from the competitors
Seeking partners to embrace our comprehensive business model offering exclusive Know-How along with manufacturing and sales rights for materials
Benefits You Get
  • Low cost rate facilitates Quick Return on Initial Investment
  • Distinguish Yourself with Proprietary Offerings
  • Foster Business Growth through High Repeat Purchase Rate
  • Enhance new project acquisitions with advanced tech expertise
02 Why Customers Choose Our Products
Issues at concrete repair sites
At many concrete repair sites, it has been considered impossible to make repair marks inconspicuous
How do we solve it?
Our uniquely developed products can solve these problems.
With conventional products, repair marks become
noticeable when they are exposed to rain.
However, our products are designed to ensure that you don't
have to worry about such issues.
Differentiated products for a competitive edge
03 Sales Results
Sales Results
Sales performance trends over the past 5 years
5 years
The customer Journey to purchase
Purchase our products
on EC
04 Product Cost
Product Cost
05 Parthnership Details
Parthnership benefits
Product Cost
Parthnership details
  • 100% of sales revenue gose to the partner company.
  • We supply complete recipes for all ingredients.
  • Initial material production training provided;
    subsequent sessions at your company's expense.
  • We provide all content related to sales promotions.
  • Customizable product label designs and names.
    (our logo must be included).
  • We provide everything you need for your business operations.
  • Your company can control its own manufacturing and sales processes.
Provide all promotional materials
Product Cost
06 Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the contract.
We can provide details on sales amounts, royalty fees, etc., tailored to your country.

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    07 Conclusion
    Before selling materials, for 20 years, our focus was on civil engineering repairs, including new bridges, tunnels, and dams. The demand for companies specializing in concrete repair like ours has increased. Our specialty in "color matching" addresses the problem of repaired areas be coming conspicuous when wet in the rain. Through extensive research, we've developed a technique for touching up repair marks with a "natural texture" that remains inconspicuous, even when wet.

    Limited resources prevent us from visiting all sites. Thus, we began marketing repair materials to enable construction companies to address minor defects themselves.

    Desiring to serve global customers, we started selling these products overseas. However, due to issues like shipping costs, export regulations, and transportation times, providing them efficiently has become challenging.

    Therefore, we are seeking partners who can license sales in various countries. Contact us to join in building a brighter future for all involved in concrete construction.

    We hope that all construction workers involved in concrete can build a good future together with us.



    Concrete Repair Shop
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